Hi/Low tech Gadgets

Mantrastyle intros ultra slim, one-of-a-kind bamboo iPhone covers


Mantrastyle, the manufacturer of customizable, unique and environmentally sustainable bamboo iPhone cases, has just upped the ante with the release of its new offerings. Conceived and created for design-savvy shoppers, the Mantrastyle bamboo cases are made from 100 percent pure bamboo to give a cool upgrade to your iPhones. 


Google Smart Glasses

The Google Smart Glasses are something which we cannot miss as being the top green gadget. These goggles will completely revolutionize the way you see life. The glasses will have a display which will overlay whatever you see around you, giving you digital information about objects and building as you look at them. The device is going to be powered by your kinetic motion and will have 4G and GPS capabilities, a camera as well as Bluetooth


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