Bali MET sponsoring

Promotion and merchandising

For project promotion and merchandising, the plan ready to travel around from the end of 2017 until the official opening of the park the end of 2018 with a series of bamboo and other traditional materials produced multi-purpose room (minimum of 10x10m.) A space where suddenly everything else is where the arts and culture facility "Bali by Heart" takes visitors into the wonderful world of Paradise of the future. One corpse you get lost, your curiosity will start searching all your senses on high alert, you will be challenged to discover.

In the "Digital warung '(pub) you enter the world of technology. You can leave a dazzling journey through the Cyber ​​Tropics of Bali, and the SET project. On our intranet, you can wander around endlessly without getting lost. Through Internet “Bali by Heart” csn be visited worldwide.

In cooperation with the host organization, we will arrange for a representative image of Bali now, with starting the project to be realized. The aid of Audio / visual equipment and collected eye-catchers we decorate the exhibition itself, interest and we inform the press and visitors for the project and will be expanded called our sponsors.

Where we will present ourselves?

Our first thoughts go out to the well-known Pasar malams. The most visited Indonesia fair will be held in many places in the Netherlands every year.

Another promotional circuit where we think the larger European exchanges in the fields of Residential, garden, and travel. has a plan in place to ensure the financing of an exhibition. This plan covers to make the start-up of the organizational process and further realizing a logical succession. This plan concerns the sale of mini-exhibitions on companies that have strong ties with Indonesia. Companies have 10 luxury posters, a sponsorship certificate and a photo which they can show that they are a sponsor of this initiative. Moreover, provides a piece of advertisement in a local or regional magazine that the company promotional benefit participates.

The 10 luxurious posters with a Balinese character with photos, paintings, and poetry inspired by the "Paradise of the Future" are an exotic mini-exhibition which is ideal for promotional activities. Optionally, the sponsor for the exhibition can be ordered and vision ash or get a different multi functional value.

.The Sponsors will be called proportional to their contribution to the preparatory work in all media involved in the final "Paradise of the Future". This with due observance of the statutory provisions. They also have a preferred position in gaining sponsorship shares of the main project.

For now everything points towards the success and performance of the retrospectives and the final "Paradise of the Future" project. Several alternatives are possible for European and Indonesian cooperation.

sponsorship opportunities

.The "Paradise of the future" project sponsor is a rare opportunity.

.Ontelbare Promotional opportunities for sponsors over the years to P.O.T.F. Project and far beyond.

.Bewustzijn And promotion of sponsor products and services both locally and globally.

.Ontwikkeling Multiple cross-promotions.

.The P.O.T.F. project is a global, unique in its kind, a multicultural event that will speak to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

.Now Beginning, the timeline will make effective product marketing possible.

Sponsor benefits

.Product And market exclusivity on all P.O.T.F. event activities and promotions.

.Commercial Opportunities within the opening ceremony and celebration broadcast by satellite.

.Televisie, Radio and newspaper advertising and co-productions.

.Opname In printing and related materials.

.Access To special P.O.T.F. events.

.On Location displays and logos.

.Ongeëvenaarde Public relations.

.P.O.T.F. logo imaginary in print media and packaging.

.Logo / ID merchandise licensing options.

. Countless product development capabilities.

.in-Store marketing and cross promotions

.Langere-Term market investment- planned multi-year construction.

.Interculturele Nonprofit marketing.

.Wereldwijde Attention.

Information sponsorship fees is available on request for directors / managers and other industry representatives and governments. 

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