Bali tropical dream nights


MET Mythology - Ecology -Technology

A tourist attraction in the form of a mythological botanical garden designed for two rural villages on East Bali, Indonesia.

The project simultaneously act as a feasibility study for sustainability living, working, agriculture and ecotourism in tropical climates.

The latest sustainable technology and products will be tested to see how to minimize the impact on the natural environment. (ALARA principle)

Bali M.E.T. tourism

From the heavenly spheres above Gunung Agung the gods look down on the immense swarm of mortals, playing under them.

Men and women dressed in sarongs decorated with brocade belts, populate the paths and roads. The women kneel here and there and perform short rituals. The air is laden with incense and soft gamelan music accompanies the man on his way to his meeting. Colorful ceremonies have been virtually unchanged over the centuries. Since Bali possesses 30,000 temples of various sizes festivities are a daily happening. Even in the 21th century, life is still intertwined with ancient traditions. A simple ceremony with happy rhythmic sounds seduces the Balinese to various dances in their very elegant and inimitable way.

Bali is much more than just a sunny tourist destination, it is an unprecedented experience; visitors decide which aspect excites them most. The M.E.T. (Myth-Eco-Techno) experience is Bali's newest form of sustainable Infotainment tourism. M.E.T. guests come to enjoy the mythology, the sun and the enchanting landscape and technology (past-present-future) everything combined together in the Paradise of the Future. "Baliphiles" Guests who stay longer, more frequent, or even live, go for the deeper experience, they explore and absorb. They seek the magic and magical way of life by life. Fervent they search for the roots of beauty and drama on the island.

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