Creative Vacuum

Professional Nobodies, collaborate in the creative vacuum.

Jesus Art from the Creative Vacuum

As far as we can think only scientific we have no physical sense with which we can perceive the creative vacuum. In a sense forms this not sensible vacuum the invisible matter of our earthly matrix, that’s why we cannot our way out see before our time is up. At least not until we develop TheFeel of our intuitive awareness, an inner way of perceiving, that requires purification and strength.

The intuitive mind is linked to our spiritual development, understanding reality lies in the mystical experience within and outside our Self. Our Self is the deepest reality of our soul, our main working intuitive power in us, the pivot around which everything turns. So the best thing anyone can realize, is that under the law of Karma (action / reaction) we all shareholders or co-creators, both co-constructive and co-destructive. We are all an integral part of the mechanism through which our physical universe is creative. All together we creating our earthly consciousness matrix. For most of us manage our emotions our rationality, we spend much of our lives to the struggle between our outer and inner self. Our emotions are extremely closely linked to our bodily functions. This we know from the effects of stress in terms of a fragile health, as well as by the more obvious things we do or say under the influence of our emotions. In fact, the word emotion means "move out." And that is exactly what happens. The mind moves from the center of intuition in the forehead. Losing the intuitive mind, the spirit lose TheFeel, the communication with the subtle energies of our inner and outer coherence and thus the dialogue with nature. If man wants to understand the nature of the world, he usually looks in the wrong direction for obtaining answers. We ask our own intellectual mind to the answers, but we fail to ask nature itself. The problem is that we really do not know how we need to ask the question, we miss TheFeel for it. We fail to see how we by bringing our minds to rest and being one with nature, its secrets slowly will make itself known to us. It is in the stillness of a meditative state that intuitive awareness and understanding arise. Our fragmented human mind, with the complexities of unconscious thoughts and emotional processes is our worst enemy. The desire to understand intellectual knowledge to impress our fellow men, prevents us from finding some insight into nature. The human mind however is so in the power of the physical senses, that TheFeel of our intuitive focus and strength from the center within, runs away ourselves to be absorbed in the game of human virtual reality. He will never realize that he himself is the projector of the film and the consciousness matrix.

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