Tiny Houses

Boat Inspired Egg Shaped Structure

Tiny houses and Eco living

It is time to rethink reality, there is not unlimited space to be owned and occupied by a small group individuals. Growing smaller is a must in most western societies, houses and homes are a good starting point to rethink our way of living. The size of a home varies around the world; while some families live in one room huts, others have gigantic homes which seem to never end. Whatever the case, homes tend to grow with their owner’s prosperity. Since 1970, the size of the average new american home has grown by 50 percent. This growth trend is similar in most western countries. However, for every trend there is a counter-trend. In the case of home size, more and more people are choosing to live in small homes. Most downsizes opt for more modest quarters, while some homeowners take this trend to a new level, choosing to live in tiny homes (and we mean tiny)! These tiny homes can be as small as 90 sq. ft. Complete with bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and living quarters.The following homes provide a glimpse into these small shelters, from fixed homes to those and wheels and everything in between.

Growing smaller does not have to mean less comfortable or less fun! The concept of tiny houses offers unlimited opportunities to live not only a more comfortable life but also offers a lot of freedom. All combinations are possible to develop, from theme towns for artist, gamers or musicians, to tiny holiday resorts making use of house-swapping, to ecotowns with a raw-farmer as the major. The fun is you can take your tiny house to the road or ship around the globe when you in an adventures mode. If you have great ideas, send them to info@professionalnobodies.net and we will publish them with credits to you.





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