Never Before

Pistol art Prague, at gun point!

Never before

Were so many people so well trained and never before so many people suffered from hunger.

Simultaneously .. we were so close to the total extinction as to the total redemption of poverty and ignorance.

.. Was there so much wealth and were our resources so exhausted.

.. Were the problems so complex and never were the solutions so simple.

In order to function well in this world of complex contradictions we we have to become complex and contradictory ourselves. In fact, we will have to develop a simplex consciousness, trained to see the simple into the complex and vice versa.

Classical segregation thinking is going to be transcended by forms of inclusive thinking that will transform our way of living and working together for good. Embark on the journey to the AND of the world and discover what riches are hidden in yourself and especially in new ways of working together. Become timeless through embracing your own mortality. Discover yourself by placing yourself in the others situation, increase your awareness by doing things, influence the world by self steering and improve yourself by actively standing in the world.

Discover that you both are destined AND free, you have no choice but to choose. Discover how good you are if you give the evil within a place. Learn how you can set in your dissatisfaction for self-acceptance, how you can discover rationality in your intuition and how leadership also consists obey. Discover that you can be animated in a businesslike manner and how complicated it is to live easy.

Allow your despair and increase your joy with it. Find a stationary point in yourself to function better in the vortex. Establish relationships with strangers and discover how familiar they are. Descend deep into your self and arrive into the farthest galaxy. Give things away and become rich. Surrender to the major movements and discover how much influence you have.

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