Risuzen, Visionairs with a heart, stand for their dreams.

Generators of a new generation, stand
for their dreams

The Complete Reality School of contemporary Taoism

The idea for the Professional Nobodies was born 40 years ago, when a group of Taikiken friends from all walks of life were exchanging ideas about living, working, traveling and training. The baby was born, but it had to grow. For decades, we had to practice the art of 'Wu Wei' “the Action of non-action.” No internet, no social networks, no photo and video sharing sites, no wireless communication, but that all changed. Let's connect, we professional nobodies with all our brilliant ideas, inventions and creativity and love to change the status quo human intelligence.

Professional Nobodies, our cradle for visionairs and global brainquakers.
We are the generators of a new generation, we are ready, to empower a more sustainable and harmonious way of living, loving and working.

Generators with a heart, good vibes, endurable ideas, inspiring solutions and environment friendly inventions.

Become a reality shifter, by helping to build the professionalnobodies.net social platform. 
Sharing ideas, visions, links to articles and video clips that transform the world in a better and economical more balanced place to live work and play in.

When scientists in general wishes to understand the nature of the world, they usually look in the wrong direction for the answers. They ask their own intellectual minds for the answers - they fail to ask nature herself. The trouble is that they do not actually know how to put the question. 

We trust that professional nobodies from all walks of life will support our cause to ask the the right questions, not as a spectator of the environment, but as a integral breathing part of nature.

The aim of the professional Nobodies is to come to enlightment within society, not secluded on a mountain top, or a luxery spa resort.

This site serves as a feasibillity study for the professionalnobodies.net social network which is under construction. 

Taikiken Natural Tuning week - Czech republic - next Summer week: 31 July - 06 August 2022
Taikiken is practical martial art, coordination and natural meditation in one. Read more about the ZenmaX Natural Tuning summer workshop …. 

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