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Designing and helping realize small economy models. We call this "Micro-Finance Initiatives (FMI's)" that could be the basis for economically disadvantaged communities. Characteristic of F.M.I. is that they work from the community and supported by the people themselves. F.M.I. programs seek to combat social exclusion, promote community building and developing an ALARA polluting local and regional economy. By means of the F.M.I.'s support of projects in the context of ecotourism in general and SET projects special. Through the Game System, we want F.M.I.'s a helping hand oak worldwide tour to capitalize off what they Natures own, for example, their unique culture and environment, and craft skills. SET F.M.I. that we pursue will form a symbiosis in which apparently contradictory interests together for mutual benefit. GAMES for members, but not only, it can be very stimulating for them to learn how members work and which are thus achieved for results elsewhere, creating a bond of solidarity and commonality. Through GAMES get members realize that his / her local economy is a global phenomenon.

Our goal is to promote Ecotourism in which the local population is provided and that does not drain the money, but remains within the communities. Thus supports the Ecotourism in the holiday world more human and environmentally friendly economies.

This idealism stems from a 25-year global "Quest" (search) for the ideal place where the "Grasshopper Tourism 'many paradise does turn into bald consumed theme parks, the original inhabitants in confusion behind. SET’s new vision is taken each element of the local requirements in the final realization of the plan.

Issues that are paramount in supporting FMI within the villages and Dukuh Tauka are supporting the revival of lost arts labor verkapitaliseren this work Arts:

.Ikat weaving techniques




.woodworking furniture

.stone working (Sculptures)


Startup of cooperative social services and insurance, medical care, schooling. Training on Ecotourism with funds derived from the revenues of the paying visitors of the botanical Mythological themepark.

In the commecial concept, the entrance fees, will be after deducting a percentage for the organization/foundation and a percentage for cooperative social services be distributed among the members of the cooperative by a local bank. Thus, each cooperative member receives for each visitor  a percentage of the entrance fee which will be automatically credited to his or her account.

Furthermore, for every resident of the villages, there will be a paid job opportunity what the community again benefit.

Dukuh and Tauka can serve as a feasibility study, a commercial model for other communities on Bali, other islands belonging to Indonesia.


Bali attracts millions of visitors each year how the island copes with it?

Consuming is a burden on the environment. But this Ecotourism project, an initiative of shows that it can be a lot more responsible.

The Paradise of the  Future Taman Dwarawati is also commercially a clever concept that will bring both the local population and any person who join the business a good profit.

Combine business and pleasure, make your hobby your work and have a playful dream for many generations. The new vision is to work on the future emerged: the need breath of fresh air with an emphasis on higher quality, easier and not harder work, the new employee must undergo a metamorphosis and have a fresh look at itself, that a very real sense can count the new labor consciousness on the slumbering genius in each of us. We, therefore, offer everyone the chance to think and act with the commercial aspects of the project.

First, a summary of a number of possibilities, all the Spiritual/botanical garden will be a permanent exhibition of exotic simultaneously that is unprecedented in Asia.

.Extravagante Theme gardens, flowers, plants shows

.by Local Labour Artists designed and manufactured residential and garden decorations

.Spectaculaire Cultural events in a fairytale setting, which is hidden in the virgin area of ​​eastern Desk guarantee that always managed to visit Taman Dwarawati.

 As with Sekala & Niskala (the sensible and sensory imperceptible) comprises commercial intent both elements.

First of all by the sophisticated merchandising almost everything used in the Paradise of the future or is exhibited for sale.

This we latch onto the psychic image of the project and future projects. All products will work by local artists on traditional and ritual be manufactured. This makes each product a unique specimen as well Sekala Niskala.

For larger purchases, for example, furniture and decoration for home and garden offer the concept of a reliable freight service based on Bali's experience of several decades in shipping worldwide. The same goes for customers, for example, merchandise in the form of jewelry, art, clothing, printed fabrics, home and garden decorations in larger quantities for wholesale and retail.

For more detailed overview see Product List Paradise Future "Stuff for Bionairs".

Interested parties can also own designs allow further elaboration and let produce if they agree in MET philosophy.

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