Invisible Madness

How do you deal with the invisible madness of so to see 'Sensible' people!

"Life takes place both within us and between us." When we understand the 'subtle’ energy bodies that we create when we interact better, we change relationships from power to respect. ProNo self development teaches you to use your body as an advanced biosensor that allows you to read the 'air' a holistic form of observation. When working together in the creative vacuum you intuitively perceive the "external fields from each other, which sometimes can hold the insane parts of sensible looking people." Chaos and pollution you will find not only the environment, but also within and around your fellow human beings. The best metaphor to deal with this subtle in space projected insane parts of "sensible" people comes from Taoism. Taoism is a millennia old system of thinking and acting that firstly is interested in the natural flow of things and unexpected transformations (changes), rather than in a linear cause and effect that one thing does to another.

ProNo self development helps you achieve a more sophisticated understanding to develop natural transformation (change) processes: How do you find such new ideas and feelings? If you create something from nothing, your mind opens for a dimension of reality which was shortly beforehand hidden from you.

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