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Home Exchange for Beginners : Getting Started


For some people, the very idea of inviting complete strangers to stay in their home invokes absolute horror, but for the house swap community it’s a low-cost ticket to traveling the world.

Home exchange is basically like online dating – for houses. You upload your profile to your choice of home exchange websites, and promote its best features. Input basic information  such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms and the better websites will allow you  to indicate deal breakers such as; children/no children; pool/no pool; internet/no internet and so on.

And in just the same way as you might meet your perfect match through a dating site, there will be a perfect house swap for you. We’ve been surprised and delighted with each of our house swap destinations – all of which have been a mystery to us beforehand. One of the most exciting benefits has been to visit locations we’ve never heard of, and would never have considered for a more traditional vacation.

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Try an Eco House-swap

Author: Dr Gareth Evans - Updated: 15 January 2013 

The eco features of the houses being offered for swap are as varied as the owners who choose to offer them for holiday exchanges – renewable heating or power, water-efficient toilets and showers, high end insulation, low energy lighting and rainwater harvesting systems. One of the benefits of taking house-swap holidays is that it encourages you to look at your own home in a different way, often making you realize eco-benefits that you might never have really thought about if you hadn’t been describing them to prospective swappers.

Clearly it’s important to be honest about your abode – it’s location, benefits and size – to prevent a bad mismatch, but many modest homes prove very popular; house-swapping certainly isn’t the exclusive preserve of people with ancestral mansions to offer!


Why home exchange with Love Home Swap?

Love Home Swap is a members-only home swapping site that’s stylish, social and simple to use. Home swap holidays are revolutionizing the way people travel. With 35,000+ inspiring homes listed in every corner of the globe, those looking to house swap can save themselves thousands on holiday accommodation costs. A home exchange vacation allows you to holiday like a local and stay in a home as nice as your own. Rather than renting a house, or stopping in a hotel, you can swap your home for a hacienda in Spain, a townhouse in San Francisco, a chalet in the French Alps, or a villa in Tuscany. Never pay out for a rental property or hotel again! 


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