Circus SEC

Circus SEC Spiritual Educative Circus

The SEC Infotainment roadshow

Spiritual Educative Circus

A ProNo project in progress

The SEC Infotainment roadshow will be a symbiotic mix of a trade show and a conference. A unique blend of inspiring seminars and workshops, traveling from business park to business park, to connect property owners, entrepreneurs and employees.

The objective is to energize and inspirit business parks and their occupants, with sustainable ideas and opportunities to transform unoccupied or partly used office and industrial spaces.

Why presenting such an important issue in a circus form? 

We believe that it doesn't matter how you come to the feel of change, as long as you come to the feel change, so why not get inspired with a smile!

Own choice is worth knowing, open up your mindset and feelings for new possibilities and solutions, to change your working environment in to a more enjoyable and productive place. Change your career in to a path with a heart, a path which is enjoyable and inspiring to walk on.


The infotainment trade show conference presents:

  • Sustainable working and living.  
  • Green building and upgrading
  • Sustainable food production 
  • Personal development
  • scoops and trends in management training
  • company fitness and sports
  • Workshops, martial arts, yoga, dans and much more
  • New economics
  • High-tech Gadgets
  • Outdoor sport events, urban golf tournament, fantastic elastic.
  • Networking dance and social event
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