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Loudbasstards sustainable Bamboo speaker collection
Loudbasstard sustainable bamboo speaker green

The loudbasstard™ sound amplifier is an all-natural, all Cebuano product made of bamboo and rattan. The idea came about from some friends having a few drinks and using a glass to amplify the music playing on their smartphone. While escaping modern technology is not plausible, bringing it back to basics is. Loudbasstard ™ sound amplifier offers a way to merge currently evolving technology, industrial design and sustainability by catering to a modern design conscious demand. This green alternative has been adapted in homes, offices, and for portable outdoor use throughout the Philippines and abroad.

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World’s first bamboo smartphone, ADzero flaunts notable specs

With their plans to introduce the world’s first bamboo smartphone at Kickstarter, the limited edition phone is en route to its realization. Named ADzero, the bamboo phone promises to pack in some amazing features and specs to satiate the penchant of its prospective buyers. Just recently, at the Droidcon, the ADzero team revealed the final design and specifications of the upcoming Android handset. Moreover, the makers also announced pricing and early bird discounts for backers at Kickstarter.


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